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The Rottweiler, a breed known for its multifaceted nature, embodies a blend of robustness and readiness for any challenge, coupled with an ease of training when approached with respect and consistency. These dogs are fiercely loyal and protective, sometimes excessively so, showcasing a balance of strength and gentleness. They maintain an aloof and dignified demeanor with strangers, while being playful and affectionate with their families. Essentially, the Rottie epitomizes the "tough guy with a heart of gold" archetype.

VERY GOOD DOGS offers a glimpse into the world of dog breeder Thomas Weber from Schwenningen close to the town of Rottweil  and his Rottweilers. This portrait focuses on the unique bond between them and the environment they share, highlighting the special relationship between a breeder and his dogs, as well as the environment in which they thrive.

Working Period:

2008 - 2009

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