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The aim for the project is the medium-term creation of a portrait of the fashion industry. In the process, other than everyday moments, the lifestyle of designers, models, photographers, make-up artists all the way to fashion consumer is recorded in photographs. The title of the black-and-white series is “The New Black”. THE NEW symptomatically stands for the trend, which has to always be rediscovered and which fuels everything, BLACK denotes the most important color in the fashion  business by far which, at the same time, is above all trends. The motifs of this series are comprehensive and range from the classic portrait of a model to motion studies, theatrical scenes all the way to still lives. With its vibrancy and its narrative character the documentation, as a picture story, is akin to film – the individual shots are similar to film stills, the beautiful appearance makes the recipients dream – of luxury, of glamor and fame.

Text by Adelheid Komenda

Working Period:

2009 - ongoing

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