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When I was  working on my series ON PPP, I traveled to Italy in a Fiat 500. This series I published as a zine for a solo exhibition at the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome in 2022 and it is a visual representation of the path I took to follow Pier Paolo Pasolini´s life. It was both a homage to the artist, but also paid tribute to my own life decisions.

Pier Paolo Pasolini created his essay "The Long Road of Sand" in 1959. This work was a result of a commission from the magazine Successo for a summer travel feature. Pasolini embarked on a journey along the Italian coastline in his Fiat 1100 during the summer of that year. The essay is a travelogue, capturing his observations and experiences as he traveled. It reflects Pasolini's unique perspective, blending cultural insights with personal reflections. The journey took him from Ventimiglia in the north to the southern regions of Italy, allowing him to explore and document the diverse landscapes, people, and cultures along the Italian coast. This journey and the resulting essay offer a glimpse into Italy during the late 1950s, seen through Pasolini's poetic and often critical lens.

Working Period:

2022 - ongoing

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