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It all started with a book I planned to do with  an artist friend, which sparked my desire to create a photographic series in the German Black Forest. At that time, without a driver's license, I turned to my father, asking him to guide me through this storied region in south Germany, a place deeply entwined with our family's roots. While the original book project never came to fruition, the journey became something far more significant: it was the first time I truly connected with my father, engaging in profound discussions about his past, our family, and the existential themes of life and death.

Years later, these conversations became the foundation of a deeply personal project — a collaboration between father and son. In this project, my father created paintings inspired by the photographs I had taken. The end result is more than just a collection of art: it's a testament to the conversations and the bond we forged during our time traversing the Black Forest. This series stands as a unique dialogue between generations, mediums, and memories.

Working Period:

2009 - 2012

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