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On February 22,  2007, my brother Wolfram and I flew from Frankfurt to New York, primarily for a meeting the next day with James Ling, then VP of Marketing and Brand Development at Ecko Unltd, and Alain Mariduena, aka KET. Our goal was to present the concept of an international network of Montana Galleries to be established in collaboration along with local partners and Marc Ecko Inc. On February 25, I discussed the possibility of a solo exhibition at the Powerhouse Arena with its director, Susanne Koenig at their Dumbo location. Following the meeting, we traveled via subway and taxi to the Armory Show, the historical art fair for modern art, at New York‘s piers and then later I got a cab to JFK to return to Germany. During the cab ride, I captured a scene that instantly compelled me to prioritize my artistic work for the rest of my life. In 2003, at age 27, I sold all my shares in Montana Cans to European Aerosols (Motip Dupli). I remained one of two managing directors responsible for product development and marketing. I had discovered my love for photography as a form of personal expression. And so, after selling the company, I transitioned to part-time work to dedicate myself  to = photography. By 2006, I realized that my current job model might not be sustainable long-term and embarked on a journey to explore how to turn photography into a career without losing my passion. The GENESIS series is an evocative photographic essay, distilling a day‘s journey through New York City into a collection of impressionistic snapshots. Utilizing long exposure times, each photograph encapsulates my intimate moments within the bustling metropolis. The series, especially the dynamic centerpiece, profoundly expresses my personal themes of life, flow, drifting, love, and the tone of life. Just as February 25, 2007 marked a pivotal point in my life, May 16, 2023 is set to be another transformative moment. To streamline my artistic focus and create a sustainable platform for my work, I‘ve chosen to venture into the realm of blockchain. This marks the release of my first NFT series, the GENESIS DROP, symbolizing a new chapter in my artistic journey. Moving forward, I‘ll exclusively publish my work as NFTs, each linked to corresponding physical pieces such as books, zines, and print editions. These tangible works will be available through my forthcoming webshop at, supplementing direct sales as another avenue to support my life and artistic endeavors.

Working Period:

February 25, 2007

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