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ADDICTED TO CLICK is an online installation, which takes motifs from my series EVERYDAY from an archive and plays them randomly and unstoppably, like life itself, at a rate of one frame per second via a slideshow and creates a film-like sequence in which the combination of motifs is left to an algorithm. I do not control the resulting visual collage.

ADDICTED TO CLICK is an installation dealing with my everyday life, perception of it, any moment's volatility, and my urge to capture moments and details photographically.

First I launched this installation in 2010, but it ended working since the FLASH technology it was based on was no longer supported. In 2020 I decided to redo this piece based on current technology.

The images you see here are of a physical installation I did in the context of the launch of online installation at the Barlach Halle K in Hamburg in March 2021

Working Period:

Version01  2010 - 2014

Version02  2020 - ongoing

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