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Glatz has worked on photographic series such as THE NEW BLACK, BACKFLASHES, and TOMORROW AIN'T PROMISED, collaborating with figures like Tilda Swinton, Olivier Saillard and Adrian Falkner aka SMASH137. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including REFLECTING PASOLINI in Rome and ADDICTED2CLICK in Hamburg. His photography books include EMBODYING PASOLINI, CHARACTERS and BACKFLASHES.

Glatz continues to create thought-provoking photography today, showcasing his dedication to the art form. He has been an appointed member of the DGPh (German Society of Photography) since 2006.


Ruediger Glatz

Ruediger Glatz, born in Heidelberg, Germany, on November 17, 1975, is a renowned photographer and artist with a diverse portfolio. Glatz began his artistic journey as a graffiti writer in 1991 and later transitioned to photography and video works.

In 1996, Glatz co-founded MONTANA-CANS, specializing in aerosol cans, later selling the company to European Aerosols. As managing director, he shifted his focus to photography.

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